Women's Uniform Sets

Women's Uniform Sets

Female Nurse Uniform Models

There are many types of models in women's nurse uniforms, and we are currently producing 5 models as Class, you can see our medical clothing models in the wholesale section.

Currently, we only have one scrubs model available in our retail sale. In this model, our medical t-shirt has bat sleeves and a V-neck, while the trousers are tube-legged and have a comfortable fit.

Our high quality medical clothing fabric, produced under the name of Class, has 72% polyester, 25% viscose and 3% lycra. In addition, our medical jerseys, which correspond to 130 grams per square meter, are 300 gr in total as upper and lower.

Patterns and Lycra in Medical Clothing

Two types of patterns are used in hospital uniforms: unisex pattern and women's pattern.

We only use unisex molds in our scrubs models.

The main advantage of the unisex pattern over the women's pattern is its comfortable cut. We do not use women's patterns as hospital uniforms are in workwear as a category. Women's molds can be narrow from the shoulder and hip parts. That's why we use and recommend a unisex pattern.

We seem to hear why you say all your products are lycra; Terikoton fabrics do not offer the comfort expected from work clothes, they generally have a hard structure and cotton ratios are negligible.

We know that comfort is the most important part while working and we focus mostly on lycra in our fabric selections. Thanks to the flexible fabric structure, there is no possibility of tearing in Class Uniforms even under high stresses.

Hospital Uniform Colors and Patterns

As Class, we produce nurse uniforms in 20 colors in total. It is available in some combinations with these 20 colors.

Colors: black, navy blue, hunter green, sax blue, storm blue, red, fuchsia, cherry, tile, dark plum, purple, burgundy, petrol green. dried rose, smoked (dark grey), khaki, beige, mustard, lilac, powder,

Combinations: Mustard-Khaki, White-Navy Blue, White-Black, Red-Black, Powder-Smoked

What Sizes Are Available in Unisex Molded Jerseys

Although it varies from company to company, we also produce XXS-XS-S-M-L and XL in retail. In addition, we also have size 0, XXL and 3XL production in wholesale sales.

SIZE 0 - Height 140/165 - Weight 40-45

SIZE XXS - Height 145/165 - Weight 45-53

SIZE XS - Height 154/168 - Weight 54-63

SIZE S - Height 157/172 - Weight 63-71

SIZE M - Height 157/182 - Weight 70-83

SIZE L - Height 157/186 - Weight 84-96

SIZE XL - Height 157/190 - Weight 97-110

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